What a whirlwind month – and a whirlwind deadline! !

Saddle Up

Horsey things are starting to happen and life just gets busier.

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I’ll be off to the Quarter Horse Bazaar in Langley in early April, then the Mane Event in Red Deer at the end of the month. Let’s hope for no snow on either highway!Delia


We’ve got some very interesting articles in this issue – I hope you enjoy them all. And our What’s Happening calendar is BURSTING!

New Saddle Up RatesShort and sweet this month as I gotta go… whew!

See you next month,


Horse Council of BC



  • Washington Thoroughbred Awards… 6
  • Preparing Your Foal for Life… 8
  • First Gypsy Show in BC… 10
  • 55+ BC Games Update… 11
  • Balance as Signal… cont’d… 12
  • Carriage Driving FDT… 14
  • In-hand Work, Part 2… 18
  • What Happens to my Pets if I Die?... 20
  • Horses of Persia – Horseback Archery… 22
  • Equine Equilibrium, Part 1… 23
  • Spring Fashions… 26

And so much more!!

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