What a quick change in the weather this past month –

Saddle Up

...snow in Red Deer, studded tires finally off, tulips up and gone, hummingbirds a plenty, duck mates in the pond, and our pastures are tall in greens and weeds (thank you April and May showers).

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I hope everyone can keep safe from possible flooding and the dry season coming up – such a high risk for fires we (in the west) are now being told. This weather has been so crazy all across Canada and throughout the world! Scary!!

TownsendWe continue with Part 2 of our “Getaway” feature this month – different places to experience and venues for all occasions and time-frames. Take your horse… or don’t! Enjoy what each ranch or resort has to offer – indulge or just relax!

I certainly am enjoying folks sending in their KIDS photos, as well as the Top Dog of the Month photos… always nice to hear from our readers! Don’t be shy… send your photo in!

Enjoy the month of June – and remember… volunteer where you can, clubs need you… or they wouldn’t exist.

Ride (drive) on!
Until next month…
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  • What Kind of Rider are You?... 6
  • International Pet Registry… 8
  • Intro to Mounted Archery… 9
  • Herd Bound Behaviour… 10
  • Chris Irwin & Herd of Horses… 12
  • Equine Equilibrium, Part 3… 14
  • Wild Rose Draft Sale… 16
  • Long-Lining cont’d… 18
  • “Getaway” Feature… 21

And so much more!!

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