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What a crazy spring we have had with Mother Nature throwing us everything she’s got! Now hopefully summer will appear as it should – then we will all be bit*hing about the heat! Let’s cross our fingers we do not get another serious fire season.

We’ve got a good mix of articles in this issue – I hope you enjoy them. If ever you have read one of our articles, and it helped you out, or changed your outlook, even brought a smile to your face or a tear to your eye… do let us know! We love reader feedback. And I am sure the authors would appreciate it too!


Saddle Up Magazine Shop OnlineEnjoy the club news too! They are all busy hosting shows, clinics and events – and you can read all about them in Saddle Up! And don’t forget our What’s Happening? Calendar… limited dates are in the magazine but ALL dates are on our website calendar. Go see!

Enjoy your summer!


Horse Council of BC



  • 10 Rules of Horse Showing… 6
  • Becoming an Equine Entrepreneur… 7
  • Lifestyle, Diet & Horsemanship – Pt 3… 8
  • Alberta Thoroughbred Winners… 10
  • Putting Feel on the Line… 12
  • Mountain Trail Challenge… 14
  • Cariboo Trails B.S. & Drive… 15
  • Rollback Collection Exercise… 16
  • Calgary’s Heavy Horses… 18
  • CWHBA Inspection & Fall Sale… 19
  • O.C.E.A.N. Syndrome… 21
  • Horseback Archery… 22

And so much more!!

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