Well of course it snowed in Red Deer while I was at the Mane Event – and had mini blizzards on my way home. Great show though – as always!

Saddle Up 2016

Mark McMillan has been writing the Cariboo Chatter column in Saddle Up for ten years now, and this will be his last column – as he and wife, Kathy, have many things on the go, and just don’t have as much spare time anymore. Thank you Mark for your years of keeping us informed, and entertaining us with your ‘What’s This?’ each month.







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Just a reminder, the deadline to enter the ‘Equestrian’ events for the 55+ Games is June 30; with dates being September 13-16 in Armstrong BC. Equestrian is on the Thursday and Friday. See HCBC website (www.hcbc.ca) for more info and entry forms. Let’s SHOW folks! And, of course, if you have not reached 55 yet… you could always volunteer and help the committee out!


See you out and about…

Until next month…


Horse Council of BC



  • Long Ears Show… 5
  • Unreasonable Pressure, Part 3… 6
  • Slow Feeder Systems, Part 3… 8
  • Ankle Mobility for Riders… 10
  • Can a Horse Smell your Attitude?... 12
  • Chain Lead Shank Tragedy… 14
  • Western Dressage, Haunches-In… 16
  • Club Meeting Ideas… 18
  • Washington Thoroughbred Sale… 21
  • Equitana Report… 22
    And so much more!!

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