Happy New Year to all!

Saddle Up 2016

It was nice to have a break over Christmas (since I don’t print a January issue). I think I did at least 20 jigsaw puzzles (500-750 piece’ers) starting near the end of November. What a great way to relax. I’ve recycled them all at the local thrift store or swapped with friends. Keep them coming, I’m not stopping (until winter is over ha!).

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We’re gearing up for a busy year ahead, looking at my yearly calendar, between trade shows, horse and club events and fillies weekends! I might have to be a bit more choosey which to participate in – if I am going to have any ME (and my horse) time.

We’ve got a lot of ‘good read’ in this issue – so grab that ‘hard copy’ sit back and enjoy. The What’s Happening calendar is filling up for the year already. If you have your dates, send them in. Saddle Up likes to be the ‘leader’ and most informative in listing what is happening in your horse community! We can’t print them all in the magazine, but we do print them all on our website – for the whole year! Take a look!

See you in the ‘jigsaw’ aisle!

Until next month…


Horse Council of BC



  • Importance of Salt… 3
  • Words Create our Reality… 6
  • Legalizing Comp Healthcare… 7
  • World According to Horses (EFW)… 8
  • Communication, Leadership… 10
  • Horses of Nicaragua… 12
  • Agribition Sets Records!... 13
  • Western Dressage, Ride a Corner… 14
  • Euthanasia… 16
  • Living The Dream… 18
  • Dressage Growing Pains… 21
  • Horsey Ladies Okanagan… 22
  • Cariboo Horsey Ladies… 23
  • A Battle with Laminitis… 24
    And so much more!!

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