Well the fall fairs are over, what a month September was!

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The last few horse shows and events are happening in the next month, and then it slows way down till spring. Thoughts now turn to getting winter hay in, and more wood to ease those chilly nights.

I am really irritated about something, and just have to rant. Why is it horse people ask for more horse shows and events… then when the day comes they don’t support it. I have been to a few events this year when I asked myself, well where is so-and-so, and her, and him, why aren’t they here? It’s in their neighbourhood – why is there such a low turnout? Now don’t give me that ‘too expensive to haul’ thing. And that the fees were too much. You own a horse? You show? Do you collect points? Expect the fees. You ski? Golf? Have your kid(s) in sports? All sports cost money (and travel time)… you chose ‘equestrian’! Too busy you say? I always love that comment… you think the rest of us aren’t busy? Some people are generous to give their time, and some just plain selfish and uncaring. It won’t be long before the VOLUNTEERS that take on these jobs give up, and you won’t have that event (or club) anymore. Now you’ll have to travel further for ‘equestrian’, rather than support what is in your very own backyard. (rant over)

I am looking forward, as usual, to the Mane Event coming up at the end of the month in Chilliwack. It’s always nice to meet up with familiar faces and meet our readers. And of course the show is also a good educational and shopping experience for everyone!



Horse Council of BC



  • Washington Thoroughbred Sale… 6
  • Tevis Cup (100 Mile Race)… 8
  • Fight or Flight?... 10
  • Fox Hunting… 12
  • Turn on the Haunches (Part 2)… 14
  • Mycotoxins – What are they?... 18
  • Do Unto Others… 20
  • Equine Thermography… 24
  • Trainer of the North Challenge… 27
  • Interior Provincial Exhibition… 36
  • BC Mountain Trail Finals… 37

    And so much more!!

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