March is here! Hopefully spring is right around the corner… please!

Saddle UpOur apologies for the February issue being out so late… unforeseen circumstance – it should not happen again.

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I am looking forward to getting out and about with my Morgan horse ‘Angie’ – just have to wait for the trailer to unbury itself from the snow, and my .2 of a kilometre downhill driveway (in the shade) to cooperate.

Locally, we’ve got the Kamloops Cowboy Festival coming up in mid-March. I hope to see a few familiar faces there when I pop by. There are quite a few events coming up – do check out our What’s Happening? Let’s Go! Calendar on page 42. More dates are printed on our web site (for the year).

This issue we have our 19th Annual Construction Feature – do check it out for building ideas! Whether it’s a shelter, barn or arena – many ideas are being presented – and we thank all those that participated.

I am enjoying receiving all the What’s This? (contraptions) and guesses each month from contributor Russ Shandro. Seems like it’s a competition now as to who can get their ‘correct’ guess in first! Remember, if you can’t wait for the ‘printed’ magazine at your local store, it is always up online the 1st of each month – so you can get a jump-start on those guesses.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Let’s hope for an early spring!

See you next month,

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  • PAALH Show is Back!... 2
  • The Supple & Rounded Horse – Part 2… 6
  • CQHA Marnie Somers… 8
  • Balance as Signal… 10
  • What is Pony Club?... 12
  • Hickman’s $50,000 Saddle… 13
  • EFC’s Gift Horse… 14
  • Willow Way Farm Wins Again!... 15
  • In-Hand Work in Winter… 16
  • 19th Annual Construction Feature… 18

And so much more!!

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