Okay, it can stop snowing anytime soon!

Saddle Up 2016


I do love winter and I do love snow (am/was a skier), but not on this ‘sloped... 4x4 driveway… studded-tires-only-to-get-up’ property. Plus, my horse trailer is buried… so much for heading out in the spring.

Gotta love my “BAY” babes (as seen on my Facebook posts) – have you horse folks noticed, no matter the weather, our horses seem to prefer standing out in the inclement weather, versus standing ‘dry’ under cover, what the? If anyone has a theory… please explain.

I just finished entering all the new dates for the ‘What’s Happening? Let’s Go!’ calendar – WOW – so many things happening… date overload! Remember, the entire year is printed on our website – take a look-see!

Saddle Up Magazine Shop OnlineWant to shout out a BIG THANK YOU (and much appreciation) to Stephanie Kwok for assisting me in editing articles over the past seven years… how time flies! Good luck in your ‘art’ endeavours. Definitely going to miss you!

See you all out and about…


Horse Council of BC



  • Teskey (Exploring Equine Health)… 7
  • Rewarding Partnerships… 8
  • Formulating a Trimming Plan… 10
  • CBD Oil – A Breakthrough… 12
  • Horseman Len Cooke Passes On… 13
  • Physical Fitness for your Horse… 14
  • Horsemanship in Brazil… 16
  • Alberta Cutter Rocky Davis… 18
  • Alberta’s $50,000 Sire… 19
  • World According to Horses… 20
  • Training Have a Missing Link?... 22
  • NOTRA Needs You… 24
  • Annual Construction Feature … 25

And so much more!!

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