It appears most fires in BC have subsided somewhat and folks have been able to return to their homes (or what is left of them).

Saddle Up 2016

A devastating sight for some, I am sure, and a long road to recovery.

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As I write this, we have just finished off the 55+ BC Senior Games in the Vernon and Armstrong area. I competed in the Equestrian part, held in Armstrong. More on that in our November issue.

The weather has definitely gotten cooler and the mornings are BRISK with dew on the windshields! And our horses’ winter coats are starting up! Please don’t snow till November. Let me get to Chilliwack at the end of October without a snow storm. Rain all you want (please!) but no snow.

I am still not done with all the events in September (every weekend I tell ya’) - so I will be very happy to welcome October when, maybe, I can relax a bit, and slow down some.

See you at the Mane Event!

Until next month…


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  • Mane Event Coming Up!... 5
  • Taking Risks, Part 1… 8
  • Masterson Method… 10
  • Half-Pass, Common Errors Part 1… 12
  • Western Saddle Fit… 14
  • Don’t Boil Your Horse!... 16
  • Vermilion’s (Draft) Winners… 18
  • World According to Horses (EFW)… 19
  • Having a Game Plan… 20
  • Mongol Derby (Winners)… 22
  • Washington TB Sale Results… 24
  • 118th IPE Wrap-Up… 25
    And so much more!!

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