As I write this we are in the middle of a cold snap with -18 to -21 in the mornings! BRRR!

Nancy and AngieI don’t envy those living on the prairies with their wind chill factor. Not fun if you have to pack water out to your horses 2-3 times per day. At least the sunshine and blue sky helps!

We have another contest to offer you, courtesy of The Finn & Fletcher Co. – a Drawing Contest! And best of all, it is dedicated to and in support of health care workers and our senior population. It is a 2-month contest with some GREAT prizes. See details on page 2.

We’ve got some great articles in this issue, some thought-provoking, educational, heartwarming, and some catering to all of our four-legged friends.

We have also included our 21st Annual Construction Feature with ideas and tips for your next building project. See the feature on page 22.

I was very sad to hear about the passing of a long-time subscriber to Saddle Up – Donald Glassford of Quesnel BC – he had subscribed with us since 2005. Our condolences to his family. See more on page 20.

Well let’s cross our fingers that one of the groundhogs called it right… and we get spring sooner rather than later! Am crossing my fingers!

Stay warm, and stay safe, till next month…


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  • Happy Trails for Two Rescues… 6
  • BaleBox Hay Solutions… 7
  • Lessons from the Herd… 8
  • Peace Region HCBC… 11
  • Know Where to Draw the Line… 12
  • Secrets of Successful Riding Instructors… 14
  • Serpentine-Zig Zag Pole Exercise… 16
  • Winter Water Woes & Colic Prevention… 18
  • Goliath – Trusted Brand… 21
  • 21st Annual Construction Feature… 22
  • Tips for Buying a Horse Property… 29

And so much more!!

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