As I write this I don’t have much to say (really Nancy?)

Nancy and I am more concerned and worried about what is going on outside right now with an evacuation alert for our area (Spallumcheen) due to one huge fire (over 80,000 hectares burning west of Vernon BC). It is afternoon, but with smoke so thick it is dark outside, I had to turn the lights on in the house.           

I know of many already that have evacuated from other parts of BC – there are truly fires raging everywhere! Prayers to everyone out there. And thank you to our fire crews and volunteers!!

Can this really be September already? When you think about it, if we didn’t do much this year (cause of Covid… and fires) shouldn’t the year have gone by really slow like a bored turtle? Well, wrong… look how fast it has passed! We barely got into a ‘show season’ and now it’s almost over. And hopefully cooler weather will arrive!

Be patient… and kind!
Take care everyone,





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  • Be Tough But Fair… 6
  • Need a Ration Balancer?... 8
  • Shock Points… 10
  • In the Driver’s Seat with Elisa… 12
  • Okanagan Polo Club… 14
  • Peace… 16
  • Wildfire Smoke and Horses… 17
  • Intro of the Leg Yield… 18
  • Once the Smoke Clears… 20
    CONTEST… 21

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