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All set up (with my new banner) and ready to show at Horse Expo!

Nancy Roman Saddle Up Magazine Canada

It is definitely starting to look like Spring in our neck of the woods! Nice and green here, and my tulips are about to bloom!

Well I just got back from the new Horse Expo Canada trade show in Red Deer. We will have a full report of the weekend in our June issue. And lots of photos too!

Congratulations are in order for the town of Princeton BC – they have the first ‘mounted’ Search and Rescue unit in British Columbia! See more on page 9.

Clubs are starting to get active again hosting shows and events. I am sure a lot of you are looking forward to getting out there – back in the horse social circle!

Saddle UP Magazine CanadaJust a friendly reminder… steer clear of fuzzy horses when wearing polar fleece! Plfffft!

Enjoy getting out and about,



(I look forward to your ‘click’ on our POLL; until next month)

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