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Welcome to 2023! I sure enjoyed my time off over Christmas – except for the cold spell we had for a few weeks.

At least we didn’t have any major dumps of snow in our neck of the woods. Relaxed a bit and did some jigsaw puzzles, not as many as I thought I would (compared to last Christmas).

oopsAfter some serious thinking I have decided to offer Saddle Up for sale. It’s time someone else takes on this passion, and has the desire and drive to take Saddle Up to the next level. I started this magazine from scratch in the fall of 2000. I remember going to our fall fair, the Interior Provincial Exhibition, over the Labour Day weekend with posters announcing to “Watch for Saddle Up magazine… coming soon!” And it all started with the November 2000 issue.

I’ve enjoyed everything about it over the past 22 years; but it is now time for ME… I want to retire from monthly deadlines, and get back out there and enjoy weekends (or weekdays). So if anyone is interested in buying this labour of love… and pursuing THEIR passion… feel free to contact me.

Here’s to a great New Year!

And Happy Valentine’s Day Too!



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