From the Editor

This is my last issue, as most of you know, I am retiring from Saddle Up (which is for sale). I have had many inquiries, but majority don’t seem to want to work. I do have some interested parties at this time, so let’s see if one of them pans out (fingers crossed).


Nancy Roman Saddle Up magazine Armstrong, BC

Anyone who had a year-round listing that was due to expire, I kept them in, so you will have received a few months gratis! Anyone who has prepaid for a recent year-round listing, we will be keeping track and if the magazine lapses a few months (while waiting for a new owner) the listing will be extended to give you the 11 issues you paid for of course. I ask that you please be patient while we find the right person to take over the magazine. If the time lapse lasts longer than anticipated (which I hope it does not), I am fully prepared to reimburse the dollar amount left on what should be the remaining issues.

Same goes for our annual subscribers who have prepaid; we will extend the subscription with the new owner or reimburse after a length of time.

Any changes or announcements will be on the Saddle Up magazine Facebook page – so do check on that every now and then please. That’s the only way I can keep in touch with all of you. The website will stay as is for now.

I’d like to keep the What’s Happening (online) calendar up-to-date over the holidays (or until new owner takes over) so if you have any horse events coming up let me know – still want everyone to be ‘in the loop’ for sure! (including me)

And remember… If you have a passion for horses and ‘community’… I’ll gladly pass the reins.

Merry Christmas to all our readers, our contributors, and our supporters!

Thank you for all you have done, with sincere appreciation,



December 2023

Saddle Up December 2023
Canoa Farms, Merritt BC

Featured Articles

  • Super (Farrier) Clinic… 6
  • In Memoriam… 8
  • Provincial Winter Fair… 10
  • Fear and Stress… 13
  • Fall Classic Breeder’s Sale… 15
  • Gift Guide… 16
  • The Lesson Horse… 19
  • Horsey Ladies Sponsors… 20

and so much more!

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