How things have changed in our world in just one month.

And things will continue to change, for some time. Let’s keep optimistic and think positively, follow the government and health guidelines and regulations. Do our part – as best we can.

With so many people having to self-isolate, practice social distancing, and staying home as much as possible, it is great to see the generosity in those sharing their knowledge and expertise on the internet. There are free instructional videos, live chats and live streams online from horse trainers and coaches; exercise gurus showing you how to keep in shape; musicians bringing some live tunes into your home; creative food recipes; positive thinking messages… and more! Thank you for sharing with us.

Depending on how long this virus continues, it will definitely impact Saddle Up – it already has. We rely solely on advertising revenue to print each month – that is why I am so persistent with my emails and phone calls. The frustrating part is most do not get back to me. So sometimes I wonder if they are in fact getting my emails and calls. Whatever happened to business etiquette?

All I ask of my readers, and contacts, please consider advertising with us, whether it’s a display ad or a year-round listing for your business or farm. Without the advertising revenue... it’s a constant struggle. I am proud that Saddle Up is a monthly magazine, keeping you all up-to-date with current news and happenings; and I believe you all enjoy the monthly read as well.

On a happier note… check out what’s inside!

Don’t worry… be happy!



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Horse Council of BC




  • Hastings Racecourse… 2

  • Goals and Outcomes… 6

  • Ground Training, Part 3… 8


  • Happy Thoughts!... 11

And so much more!!

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