I cannot believe summer is almost over (it barely arrived!)

Nancy RomanI hope you are all staying safe and healthy. It is saddening to hear of the floods happening in certain areas in western Canada – as if we all need this on top of Covid-19. I don’t dare ask what next? (I don’t want to hear the ‘f’ word; fire that is).

Another sad note is the recent deaths of two people I knew from the horse world, Lynn, and Brian (see page 19). Our sincere condolences to their families.

I enjoyed putting this issue together (I do every month actually) as it includes so many GOOD things I think. Enjoy!

I was deeply disturbed to hear that Saddle Up is getting out to the stores and our subscribers later in the month. Normally the magazine should arrive around the 6th-10th of the month. So I emailed Canada Post expressing my disappointment and asking for, and expecting, better service. While I realize there is a pandemic going on… you’d think business mail would be faster than ‘family’ mail and (Amazon, etc.) parcels. Below is the response I received. Let’s hope things pick up (or speed up!).

Hello Ms. Roman:
Regretfully we are being greatly affected by the Covid 19 - Pandemic. Our mail volumes have never been greater. These have increased to record levels. It is likely due to this increase and our internal steps to mitigate the spread and keep our employees safe which has resulted in an increased delay in processing and delivery. 

For this we apologize and would like to let you know that we are doing everything possible to try to meet our delivery standards and your expectations.
- Regards (Canada Post)

Stay positive… take care everyone,


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  • Zigzag Exercise… 6
  • Economic Impact Study… 9
  • Slow Things Down… 10
  • Driving at The Ranch… 12
  • Power-Packed Clinic… 13
  • CanTRA Awards… 14
  • BC Mountain Trail… 15
  • Ride Like a Girl (movie… 16
  • Horse Racing Resumes!... 17
  • Handle Record at Century Mile… 18
  • Happy Thoughts!... 20

And so much more!!

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