HO HO HO…ly did this year just zoom past… actually the last two years – Covid just sped everything up!

Nancy and AngieWe just had our first skiff of snow on the ground this morning in Armstrong… but it’s gone already. It’s up in them thar hills… (and highway mountain passes) just not down here yet. Last year around this time, we already had two dumpings of the white stuff. Cross our fingers for a nice, uneventful winter.

Well Saddle Up is going to be changing up our website and Facebook page over the holidays. Nothing overly drastic – just a ‘freshening’ up. We hope all changes will be in place for January 1st. If any of you have some ideas or suggestions, pass them on over to me.

So I am off now for a month – remember, no January issue! Our next deadline is January 5th for the February issue.

Stay safe everyone, particularly over the holidays.

Merry Christmas to you, and Happy New Year!
Drive safe too,



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  • What is the Filter or Grid… 6
  • El Centro Equine Services… 8
  • Groundwork Exercise… 10
  • RHR Weanling Challenge… 12
  • Kindness… 14
  • In the Driver’s Seat with Elisa… 16
  • Neurolymphatic Massage… 18
  • **Holiday Gift Guide Part 2… 20

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