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Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and neighbours in Alberta dealing with all the wildfires.

Nancy and Angie

While I was in Red Deer attending the Horse Expo Canada show, the fires were just starting west of Edmonton. There are notices all over Facebook of people able to help with hauling or boarding. Let’s hope we can all get through this fire (and flooding) season safely.

Almost every time my farrier is here, I am reminded of those chestnuts on my horses’ legs; and why are they there? Well, we will shed a bit of light on that… on page 12. Who knew!?

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am getting pretty fed up with the amount of baling twine I have to chuck in the garbage. Recycling (at least in my area) won’t take it; they say it goes in the garbage. Why is that? IT’S PLASTIC! Other plastics go into recycling, but not twine. Well you can always re-purpose twine or even get a bit crafty… see more on page 11. But if any of you know where to recycle it, can you let me know please?

Let the show/event season begin!

See you out and about,


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