The ONLY good(?) thing about this pandemic, at least for me, is the lack of any commitments in 2020.

I admit it has been nice not to have to be here or be there, work this or that, volunteer, etc. You could say I’ve had a year off… doing jigsaw puzzles!!

Nancy at IPEAlthough one passion I have committed to is the annual Horsey Ladies fundraiser in November. No, there will not be a banquet, but things will be happening… see more on page 13.

As I write this, the Washington fires are affecting us all in the southern part of BC - the smoke has jumped the border into our valleys. And we were all hoping for a smoke-free summer! A little rain would be nice, please?

I am sure I can speak for a few others as well… I will miss being at The Mane Event in Chilliwack this month (such a great weekend); but they are offering some virtual events, see more on page 7.

Next month will be Saddle Up’s 20th year of publishing. And we still have a few advertisers with us from day one! Thank you!

Stay safe everyone, and take care.
Oh… and… Happy Halloween!


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  • Rocking Heart’s Colt Challenge… 6
  • The Mane Event Update… 7
  • Developing the Counter-lope… 8
  • The New Normal of Equine Massage… 10
  • CQHA Burwash Scholarships… 12
  • Do What Has To Be Done… 14
  • Randy Blackstock, Founder of WCFA… 16
  • Horse & Human Interaction… 18
  • **Of interest – Horse Colours            26

And so much more!!

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