Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday!

Saddle Up 2020I was able to relax for the month (with no looming deadline) and enjoyed my time off doing JIGSAW puzzles!!! It was truly a marathon… back-to-back, non-stop. Must have done at least 30 puzzles (from 300 to 1000 pieces). Yep, I’m an addict!

It was a bit of slow-mo getting back into the groove for the February deadline – as the puzzles kept calling me. It was hard to resist.

So here we go… first issue of 2020 and heading into our 20th year of printing! A good mix of articles inside, some great DOG rescue stories with our unfortunate Australian friends, and a What’s Happening? calendar that is shaping up nicely.

Let’s hope the winter is fair to us and the temperatures warm up.
Be safe.


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Horse Council of BC

  • Don’t Boil Your Horse… 6
  • Horsey Ladies Top $100,000… 7
  • Following the Dream (Alex Viner)… 8
  • Ground Training… 10
  • Tennessee Walker at CC Dressage… 12
  • Spring Catastrophe… 14
  • Sleigh Ride Fundraiser… 16
  • Alberta Clyde Reigns… 17
  • Don’t Hip Check A Pony - They’ll Win!... 18

And so much more!!

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